About Us

There are four words that describe what,
Emily’s Cakes, are all about…

“Love, Dedication, Quality and Deliciousness.”

We are a family run business situated in a beautiful suburb called Observatory, Johannesburg. Our doors were opened to the public in 2009, but Emily and Celeste had been baking, designing and decorating for many, many years before that. We decided to take the big official step because we loved what we made and all our friends and family did as well. There wasn’t a reason why everyone shouldn’t get to experience what we were making. And thus Emily’s Cakes was created, a happy place that makes genuine goodies that looked and more importantly tasted amazing. Initially we had no clue where to start but a chance watching of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares inspired us to do something that would become to this day legendary!

Our Little Table

The idea was to get the locals on our side, get them to know what we had to offer. So fliers were post-boxed and a sign was deployed, with no success at all. Facebook and Twitter page created and still not much. So with a little help, idea wise, from Gordon Ramsay we got a little table, cloth and sign and placed it outside in our driveway with our first masterpiece. Adrian being the bravest of all stood point and bowed and waved to all passers-by, inviting people to buy and try. Well unbeknownst to us, Gerard Street was a main thoroughfare to schools, universities and offices. Cars would screech to a halt, laughs, smiles stunned faces would stare as they drove past. We created such a stir; it’s changed the street forever. We had only planned to have this table out for a month or so. But due to popular demand…..and I mean demand, our ‘a bit bigger table’ went on for six years. We became a sort of tradition in the suburb. And from that little table our cake studio is busy 24/7. Our menu has expanded our skills are sublime and our cake family has grown phenomenally. Read full story here!

The Team

Celeste: Head baker, Organiser, Coordinator, Mother and the list goes on. Being Portuguese, she has many traditional /family recipes and secrets which we’ve taken and made unique and tastier. Mom is a light and pillar of strength for our team.

Adrian: Assistant creative designer, Media manager, Motivator, Batman (amongst many other things). You might know him as ‘The Cup Cake Guy’, the man who ran our little table. And he’s Mr Positivity; the constant support and drive when it’s a last minute rush or late night project.

Emily Head Creative designer aka The Emily, aka the Talent. All that can be said about The Emily is Genius. She takes our breath away with everything she designs and creates. We don’t have to say anything…her work says it all!
We do Love what we and hope we can share that with all of you. Thank you for visiting us. all Home made, unique and divine, our cakes are individually designed for your special occasion.For your wedding, birthday or any day that requires something unique and amazing that’s our speciality.

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