Halloween 2015

It has become rather a tradition at Emily’s Cakes that every year with every special occasion, be it Easter, Christmas or our favourite Halloween, our literary creativity comes out to play and we create and share a celebratory poem to set the tone.

Over the years our little table was famous for our Halloween antics. Now if you are from or you know anything about South Africa you’ll know that Halloween is not widely celebrated or known for that matter. So we received A LOT of attention over the years. And it was fabulous. Every year I dressed up in different awesome costumes and bowed and waved at cars. I scared a few people in the day as well. But it was all done with loving intent, for good fun and laughter as Halloween should always be taken.

More Halloween Clip Art Illustrations at http://www.ClipartOf.com

Halloween 2015….

​Witches far,
Witches near.
It so draws close,
That time of the Year.

Where the Magic is high,
And worlds collide.
If you’re not in disguise,
You ought to run and hide.

Monsters and Creatures,
Are all on the scene.
Get your spells ready,
For soon it’s Halloween.

Fellow witches
Weather you brave it alone,
Or you join a coven.

A Hint

We moderners have traded
Our cauldrons, for an oven.

A spell, a spell
So to Ghouls you disappear,
Be quite, pay attention
Lend me your ear…

Double Double Toil and Trouble.
Gas Burns and Pots Bubble.
Biscuits, Pastries and Delicious Cakes
In the Oven the magic bakes.

Fairy crystals
The first ingredient down,
Smuggled from the mystic Clover Town.

A dragon egg
Which are a bugger to crack.
Stolen from one fiery Mrs Draque.

Unicorn breath, for that vanillary taste.
A couple of beans( compliments of Jack)
Makes anything rise with haste.

Eye of newt and Mermaid scale
Add these two together.
And they make the batter.
Light as a Phoenix feather.


Once mixed it’s ready to go,
Pop it in the oven at 180 or so.


Um…what did I do…?
Maybe it wasn’t one eye, but two.

Now look at this almighty mess!
Ok, so my best advice,
Rather leave it to the professionals.
They have that, how can I say…bakers finesse.

This year, I thought I’d have a go,
Now I’ll give it a rest.
No matter what I try,
Emily’s Cakes still does it the best.

Be reassured for Halloween
Their Cupcakes, Cakes Biscuits and Pastries
Will definitely keep you out of site.

For as everyone knows…

There’s Magic in every bite.

I’m off to get my order in,
Oh gosh the time
I better Run…

Because if you don’t order at least 3 days in Advance
Your order can’t be done..


We can’t stress enough how important
It is to pre-order any scary treat you want.
Please, you can’t go without
​If you want anything, just give us a Scream… or a shout. 

Here are our Halloween Memories and some Ideas for you.

White Plastic Ghosts.


Plastic Ghosts website sized
These are so easy to make and are so effective. All you need are white plastic bags, balloons,  some cotton & a needle, sticky tape and a permanent marker.
Cut handles off bags. Then turn them inside out and stick the corners down to get that round effect. Turn bag back inside out. Blow balloons up and tie them. Tie cotton to the balloon knot and use needle to thread the cotton through the top of the plastic. Once balloon is in plastic and secure, take permanent marker and draw on eyes and mouth for effect. Then all that’s left is to hang them in the most effective place. If you struggle just google it, there are plenty of tutorials on you tube.

Our Home Made grave. 

OUr grave
All you need is a Shapely rock, in this case it was slate. Chalk or Paint to write the R.I.P. Some loose soil, obviously you’ll need a wheelbarrow to transport it to where you want it. Some flowers and a spade for effect. The rest is self explanatory. 

Memories of The Scary Cup Cake Guy

For any information on the costumes or props we used please don’t be shy to comment or email us cakes.emilys@gmail.com. We’d be only happy to pass on some tips we learnt over the years.



Zombie websized Zombie wounds

This costume was definitely the most realistic and if I may say so scariest costume I ever did. We literally had passers by running and screaming form me. People would stop some 50 meters away and cross the road. We nearly caused several accidents throughout the day. The Irony is that I was really sick that day, so really felt like death warmed up.

False wounds make any Zombie costume awesome. To make your own wound all you need is toilet paper, wood glue, a hairdryer, make-up and some fake blood. Pick your Tutorial Here Tutorials 

The basic premise is you stick layer of layer of toilet paper, with the wood glue. Drying it quickly with the hairdryer after each applied layer and then once you’ve created enough layers use a sharp knife to make and incision in the stacked layers of toilet paper. Then use make-up to blend the paper with your skin and add the blood colour inside. Use the fake blood and add to the wound for effect. See pic above.

Count Dracula of Observatory 

Count Dracula COunt

Probably the easiest costume. You’ll need baby powder and make-up, temporary hair die, if your hair is blonde like mine. Some fake fangs, a suit and a coat. I’m sure you can figure out how to assemble it all together, it’s rather straight forward.



This costume caused sooooo much commotion. Tyres screeching, people gawking. It was a really fun character.

You’ll need face paints or make-up, a black full coat with hoodie is essential, dark underclothing and a scythe. We obviously made our own scythe using a long stick or thin tree branch, tinfoil/aluminum and cardboard. Cut the shape of the blade of the scythe out of card and then wrap it in the tinfoil. Finally secure the tin foiled card to the top of the stick. Simple and effective. Make-up wise, paint face using white face paint and black for the eye sockets, nose and teeth should do the job. Easiest way to get it right is get reference of any character and then give it a go and then have a blast, it’s supposed to be a mock anyhow. For our table we were fortunate to have dying roses and home made jack-lanterns.

The Mummy Rises Again.

Mummy of Obs

The Most uncomfortable to wear and most unflattering costume i ever wore. If you are going to attempt this uncomfortable mess let me warn you of a few things. It itches and it gets really hot and it’s rather tight and unflattering. And finally it’s rather hard to secure, so it keeps slipping down at the most inappropriate times. But besides those things, and that’s only my experience, it’s a great effective and relativity simple costume. All you’ll need is some mutton cloth. Don’t try real bandages because you will be broke by the end of Halloween. And no amount of candy is worth it. I chose to go all out authentic and only wore briefs underneath. But if you aren’t that serious wear a T-shirt and shorts. I used safety pins to secure the cloth, if you can use anything else go for it!

Frankenstein’s Monster 

Frankensteins Monster websized Frankenstein And Kaleesie resized Frankensteins Monster and Witch resized

The most popular character I ever did. That year we had flocks of people all dressed up coming to take photos with the big green monster. Was such a hoot.
You’ll just need a lot of different green and brown face-paints and some make-up. A black crazy wig, a couple of handmade or bought bolts and oldish suit.
Using green cardboard you’ll get that huge forehead effect, there are some great tutorials online here Frankenstein’s Monster  

Sweety Todd 

Sweety Todd websized halloween3 websized

And finally our take on Sweeny Todd…Sweety Todd the Bloody Baker of Gerard street.
This was another simple, yet complicated costume. Most of the effect was in the make-up. So make sure you have a competent artist as I did. For authenticity, have a waistcoat,apron and cut-throat razor. For everything else hair etc just get reference, Johnny Depp’s portrayal is the best for reference.


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed our Halloween history and perhaps you even got some ideas for your next costume. Till the 31st fellow trick or theaters and lovers of fright , keep it Scary, Merry and Light.


  1. Romana
    Wow you guys rock! Emily's Cakes has come a long way and what an honour that I've been able to enjoy the delicious cakes you make. THANK YOU and wishing you do much more success
    Reply October 21, 2015 at 10:20 pm
    • Emilys Cakes
      Thank you so so much Romana. We really appreciate all your amazing support and beautiful, wonderful encouragement over the years. We all love and thank you dearly. Many many blessings Team Emily's Cakes
      Reply December 8, 2015 at 12:30 pm

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